New article on Dellazoppa Frères, a hardware trading company that was founded in Paris, France in 1871 by François and Jean Dellazoppa. The company operated in Paris, Buenos Aires, and Brussels during the late 19th and early 20th centuries, and produced a range of hardware and related products including metallic such as .


These large 4-gauge were used in punt to shoot multiple birds in a single shot, and they make the other ones look tiny in comparison.

Hello all! Here is my post.

I am a and of early 19th century breech-loading .

I have a special interest in and firearms and research everything about them from their use in to and all about the intricacies of the various manufacturers.

I am a director in the International Ammunition Association and a member of the American Society of Arms Collectors.


A couple of the very earliest ever, shown with an early example of a double barrel pinfire made by Casimir around 1840. I love these early examples!


One of the very few American-made !
This example with a sliding breech was patented in 1867 and made by N. R. Davis of Assonet, Massachusetts

This must have been a very fashionable accessory for those carrying a 7mm in the 19th century!

In the 1980s, the company, Spalek’Arm, owned by a Frenchman named Christophe Spalek of Le Cergne, France made a line of and made of plastic! 145 years after their invention!


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